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Design Process

The design process will be unique for each client, just as your home will be unique.  There is no standard answer about how the process works.  However, there are several recommendations that we believe ensure success.  The most important part of the process is communication.

How do we get started?
The design process begins with an initial consultation.   This meeting is an opportunity for you to learn more about our firm, how we work, look at our designs, and decide if we are the right fit for you.  It is also an opportunity for us to learn more about you and your project.

What should we bring to the first meeting?
We recommend that you bring pictures, magazine clippings, books, sketches and anything else that helps explain your ideas about how you want your home to look and what kind of floor plan you like.  We also ask that you bring an open mind.  We will discuss details about your lifestyle and living preferences.  You should also be considering your overall budget for the house.   We recommend bringing any information you have about the home site, if already identified, or details about the neighborhood you are considering.  The size of your lot, community guidelines, zoning requirements and many other details are important factors.  In addition, let us know if you have selected a builder or other vendors for the construction of your home.  Any and all details about your plans should be discussed.

What if we have not purchased a lot or have not selected a builder?
Don’t worry if you haven’t made all these decisions yet.  Again, the process is unique for each client, and we are here to assist you.  We work closely with many respected professionals in the custom home business, and we can make recommendations to help with the selection of vendors or builders.

What’s next?
After the initial meeting, we will begin designing your home.   We will have follow up meetings to review the plans, make any necessary revisions and move forward until we have a final plan.  From there, the plan will go to working drawings, and then final construction documents that can be used for building your home.  Throughout the process communication will be very important, including communication among us, you, your builder and vendors.   Once construction begins, we will stay engaged to ensure the success of the final product – your custom home.

How much will it cost to design a home?
Each home design will be different. The cost is determined by the size and scope of the home, as well as the amount of design time.  After the initial meeting, we will be able to give you a projected estimate.

How long will the process take?
Again, the process is influenced by several factors and is unique to each project.  These details will be discussed in the preliminary meeting and a timeline for your project will be set.